Stop Blaming Life Most Motivational speech

 You don’t have to  look good for people. You don’t have to be Perfect just because other people want  you to be perfect if your  soul is perfect from within . That’s all right. This is all what you want . This is all that you need to be Our society has made very weird   kinds of norms to look perfect and great for men it’s different for women it’s different . We think too much about what people say We listen to ourselves too little. You know what makes you perfect when you make someone smile You know what makes you perfect when you try  to do  something good for the people around you. You know what makes you perfect when you feel Someone’s pain and how beautiful pain is that it connects you with people. No other Medium can connect you with others but pain, That’s why I always say that I’m in pain and that’s a blessing in disguise for me if you think that your life is hard and you’re giving up on that because you think your life is unfair. 

Think again 

Because when you think that way you are being unfair to your own self, when you share your story and it doesn’t  make you cry, that mean you have healed the real happiness doesn’t lie in success ,money, fame, it lies within real happiness lies in gratitude. I believe in the power of words many people speak before they think, but I know  the value of words. The words can make you break you, they can heal your soul, they can damaged you forever. So, I always try to use the positive words in my life wherever I go. They call adversity, I called it an opportunity, they call it weakness, I call it strength, they call me disabled, I call myself differently able, they see my disability, I see my ability. There are some incidents that happened in your life and those incidents are So strong that they change your DNA. 
Those incidents or accidents are so Strong that they break you Physically. They deform your body, but to transform your soul. Those incidents break you deform you, but they mold you into the best version of you. Made People Realized that sometimes problem are not to big. We are too small because we cannot handle them. We always expect ease from life. We have the amazing fantasy about life . This is how things should work, this is my plan. it should go as per my plan if that doesn’t happen, we give up So My dear friends, let me tell you one thing. I never wanted to be on the wheelchair. Never thought of being on the wheelchair. I always aspiring to do bigger things but had no idea that for that, I have to pay the price to be where I am today. it’s very heavy price This life is test and the trial and tests and trials are never supposed to be easy .
So when you are expecting is from life and life gives you lemons, then you make the lemonade and then do not blame life for that Because you were expecting easy from a trial, trials make you stronger, better person. It is okay to be scared, it is okay to cry. Everything is okay, but giving up should not be an option. They always say that failure is not an option. Failure should be an option because when you fail, you get up and then you fail and then you get up and that keeps you going. That’s how humans are strong A failure is an option should be an options. But giving up is not never. We have this thing in our minds. We call perfection, We want everything perfect.
We want ourselves to be perfect. There is this image in our heads about everything. Perfect life, Perfect relationships, perfect career, Perfect amount of money that we need to earn no matter what. Nothing is perfect in this world We all are perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly all right, that’s all right. We were sent here not to become the perfect people. Those people who tell you how to look perfect . Even those people are imperfect, trying to fight the fear of looking perfect and all those imperfections. You have to listen to your heart We are all in pursuit of something in life Some people chase fame. Some people long to have more  and more money. Some people wish to live life with endless joy and some people crave to have peace and contentment in their heart.

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