The reason for the Ojek Mass online canceled the demonstration at the Embassy of Malaysia

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The reason for the Ojek Mass online canceled the demonstration at the Embassy of Malaysia

The reason for the Ojek Mass online canceled the demonstration at the Embassy of Malaysia

The mass of motorcycle taxi online (ojol) which was to reach 10,000 people surrounded the embassy of Malaysia (embassy) canceled. Friday (30/8) around the Malaysian embassy, ​​only dozens of people wearing ojol attributes were seen traveling to the place.

The event was originally scheduled to take place on 3 September. This action was based on the Big Blue Shamsubahrin Ismail tax company's statement of offense which was recorded on the video and said: "Gojek is reserved for the poor, as in Jakarta, Thailand, India, Cambodia".

Shamsubahrin is the party that strongly rejects Gojek's presence in Malaysia.

Last week, Gojek claimed to have the green light in Malaysia after meeting with the local government. The Indonesian Association of Two-Wheeled Action (Garda), a group of Ojol of the country, said they were protesting against Shamsubahrin's statement, which would have the effect of belittling the Indonesian people, especially the profession of Ojol.

Indonesia's Indonesian Guard Presidium Igun Wicaksono said it would mobilize 10,000 people to stage a demonstration at the Malaysian embassy. But the tension subsided after Shamsubahrin apologized to the Malaysian media.

"I apologize for my statement that Indonesia is poor, Indonesia is still in my heart, including its people," Shamsubahrin said.

Igun said the protest continued even though Shamsubahrin apologized, his schedule was changed to be faster, which is the case today. Even so, he said that the number of masses had decreased to hundreds of people.

Not so demonstration

Dozens of people came to the Malaysian embassy today, some of whom met with representatives of the consulate.

Igun explained that his party did not bring in a large number of people, not because he did not get permission from the stakeholders. According to him, it was canceled because the tension had diminished after Shamsubahrin had apologized.

Igun has ensured that many ojol from different regions declare themselves ready to storm the Malaysian embassy today. "The protest is not a permit but it is enough to warn the police and we have indicated that there was an apology from Malaysia," Igun told the Malaysian embassy.

Igun said that Garda had tried to reduce mass disorders, the demonstration would have been deemed unnecessary. "To apologize to them too, the guards finally repressed the masses so as not to create chaos fearing to spread to the problems of both countries," Igun said.
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