Reduce the symptoms of depression with virtual reality

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Reduce the symptoms of depression with virtual reality

Reduce the symptoms of depression with virtual reality

Nidia Silva is dreaming. In his dream, he crossed the sea around Cuba with a dolphin. But it's not an ordinary dream. It was a dream created by virtual reality (VR) technology as part of an experimental method of treating depressive disorders in the elderly.

"You are in an unfamiliar world, but it is very beautiful," said Silva (78), citing her experience of experimental treatment with experimental treatment methods for depressive disorders. "I am very happy."

In Silva's dream, loud and boisterous voices were heard "roaring" in hot, sticky air. But, Silva did not care and chose to continue sailing the ocean with the dolphin.

"It takes you to another world, it's really fun," said Silva.

Silva Alexandra Ivanovitch, a representative of a non-governmental organization in Miami, USA, gave the opportunity to try VR glasses.

Ivanovich did a virtual reality demonstration to treat depression among the elderly or retired in Cuba. Ivanovich takes the elderly to space, to the bottom of the sea or to the top of the mountain.

The project called VR Genie is designed to ward off the loneliness often experienced by the elderly. "We use virtual reality to meet the wishes of the elderly," Ivanovitch said. Thanks to virtual reality, seniors can travel anywhere.

The use of VR to overcome depression is not done without cause. In one study, VR is known to help a person cope with depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other mental problems.

According to Aldrich Chan, a neurology researcher at the University of Miami (USA), images generated from virtual reality can be very beneficial for cognition.

Other evidence was also obtained from a study conducted by the University of California, USA. The researchers studied the use of VR to overcome anhedonia or depressive symptoms that prevented a person from feeling happy and expressed interest in various activities.

Like Ivanovitch, researchers focus on patients with positive experiences produced by VR. The result, the most effective interventions reduce the symptoms of depression that appear. The study, published in the journal Consulting and Clinical Psychology, also indicates that levels of depression, anxiety and stress have decreased among those who undergo VR interventions.
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