Kadin Call Blockchain will reduce logistics costs

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Kadin Call Blockchain will reduce logistics costs

Kadin Call Blockchain will reduce logistics costs

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) said the blockchain could reduce logistics costs in Indonesia. The technology will make the logistics delivery process more transparent.

Kadin Logistics and Supply Chain Vice President Rico Rustombi said that if the logistics process in Indonesia is transparent, the illegal payments that normally occur can be minimized and eliminated.

"If we use a blockchain that is connected to all the logistics of the world, we are not stunned, all are transparent, there are no illegal charges and they are all registered in all their chains," said Rico, Monday (29/7).

Meanwhile, he says the logistics process in Indonesia has not been profitable for entrepreneurs.

The problem is that port regulations and infrastructure are not ready. "It happened and was ignored, whether we like it or not, we have to correct it to the limit, yes, it has been applied to advanced technology or advanced technology," he said.

Currently, the blockchain has not been regulated by the government. Rico said businessmen continued to discuss with a number of stakeholders, such as the government and the Bank of Indonesia (IB).

He hopes that official rules will be established so that the application of the blockchain can be more and more widespread in the country. In addition, the government has set standards for the implementation of the blockchain.

At present, several logistics companies have put in place a blockchain system. One of them is PT Samudera Dewata Logistik.

Rico, who is also one of the company's leaders, said he had implemented the blockchain since last year. However, its application has not been maximized. "Since last year, we have been using it and we think we have started to start, especially in the logistics and supply chain," he said.

He added that the company was developing electronic logistics applications for the distribution and packaging of goods. However, Samudera Dewata Logistik did not make a payment using a cryptocurrency. "It's not easy and takes time, so he's still using conventional payments," he said.
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