Ferrari Reprimands Consumers Regarding Indecent Content on Social Media

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Ferrari Reprimands Consumers Regarding Indecent Content on Social Media

Ferrari Reprimands Consumers Regarding Indecent Content on Social Media

Ferrari was furious after seeing the owner of a social media account posting a Superfast 812 supercar photo. According to the company, the owner of the Philippplein account has made content considered obscene involving a unit of Ferrari, a pair of shoes and a woman in minimal clothing.

The company based in Maranello, Italy, through its lawyer, sent a reprimand to the account holder. For lawyers the posting company could reduce the company's reputation.

Feeling unhappy about getting a reprimand from Ferrari, the owner of the account who is also the owner of the car then shares the Ferrari's reprimand through his personal Instagram account.

Reported by leftlanenews.com, Tuesday (6/8) Plein was not happy because he felt he had been 'disturbed' by Ferrari and his lawyer. According to Plein, he is a loyal consumer of Ferrari for the past few years.

"Ferrari gave me an 48 hour ultimatum to delete the photo from Instagram !!! Ferrari CEO Louis C. Camilleri has to think twice before he lets his lawyer send a letter like this to customers who have bought 4 Ferrari in the last 10 years !!!," wrote philippplein account.

Philippplein looked angry and showed himself distrustful of what Ferrari was doing. He also wrote that he would take legal action against the Ferrari company which he considered to be unprofessional, quoting thedrive.com.

"I cannot say anything about the unprofessional and aggressive attitude of the Ferrari company towards its customers! This is clearly a blackmail (blackmail or coercion) action. I will not delete the picture and I will legally sue Ferrari for this unprofessional behavior! I expecting an official apology from MR Louis C. Camilleri !, "he wrote.

812 Superfast is one of Ferrari's fastest 'super cars'.

This car entered the Indonesian premium car market in 2017 with a price range of IDR 12 billion. With these prices consumers can enjoy the explosion of the 6,500 cc V12 engine.

The engine is capable of racing 812 Superfast sporty body up to a maximum speed of 340 km per hour from 0 to 100 with a travel time of only 2.9 seconds.
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