Breastfeeding at work benefits mother, child and business

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Breastfeeding at work benefits mother, child and business

Breastfeeding at work benefits mother, child and business

Many mothers are forced to stop working so that they can exclusively feed their children at home because they can not breastfeed freely at work. In fact, breastfeeding at work can bring many benefits to the mothers, children and businesses in which mothers work.

Research shows that companies that provide breastfeeding support consistently have a positive effect on the morale, satisfaction and productivity of their employees.

Working businesses can provide support to breastfeeding mothers by providing a lactation area. In Indonesia, a lactation area must be available in all office buildings. Although many companies have still not respected this regulation.

Cited in Forbes, the results of a survey conducted by health care firm Byram Healthcare showed that access to milk pumps and breastfeeding rooms allowed 63% of women to return to work. Nearly 36% of breastfeeding mothers also said breastfeeding at work could continue to advance their careers.

The survey also refutes news that mothers will pump breast milk to become unproductive and that work will be neglected. Most mothers said that breastfeeding was not a leisure time, 55% even checked the office email first and 52% also held a meeting before drawing breast milk.

For mothers, breastfeeding at work allows them to achieve their personal and professional goals without sacrificing time and productivity.

For babies, exclusive breastfeeding can improve health. Breast milk is rich in nutrients for the growth and development of infants. Research in the United States shows that breastfeeding can save up to $ 1.6 million in health costs per year. Breastfeeding also reduces medical costs and health insurance.

In commemoration of World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, 2019, every mother is encouraged to give exclusive breastfeeding to her children. Breastfeeding can have beneficial effects on children's health and personality.
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